Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lady's Finger

I believe most of us familiar with this vegetable.'s a "lady's finger". Normally, I put this vegetable inside my Asam Pedas and it taste so delicious. However, this is the first time I saw it still hanging on it's stem. How "Jakun" I am even when I'm a girl who grown up in the village. I took the photo somewhere in Ranau, Sabah on the way back from Kinabalu Hot Spring. Lucky me to seen it for real...ha..ha...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fried Fish

In the middle of frying fried fish today, suddenly something "snap" my mind. Someone I know from my working era (Am I that old..ha.ha..) had told me about how she used to eat plain rice with cooking oil used to fried the fish during her childhood. Of course we are thinking why on earth she eat that way. It's absolutely not healthy, RIGHT? and bla..bla..bla...
"POVERTY"! that is the answer. She only manage to eat fried fish and that the best dishes her mom could afford. When she grow-up and start working (which obviously she has a good one), she knew that eating that way is not healthy BUT she still eating it once in a while as it's become her favorite menu.
Sometimes, we wouldn't know what are the darkest story of those successful people and it make me thinking, we don't have a reason to fail. We just creating a reason for our failure.

P/S: Turmeric powder + a bit of salt + deep fried = A perfect Fried Fish for Lunch

Bread Pudding

The recipe I got somewhere from other bloggers BUT only manage to bake the bread pudding tonight. Not so much thing to do so I give it a try. Just change the corn flour with Custard and use some fresh grapes.

Bahan-bahan :
8-10 keping roti(bergantung kepada ketebalan roti)
500 ml susu segar/susu cair/campuran kedua jenis susu
4 TBSP gula halus
2 TBSP mentega/majerin
1 tsp asen vanilla
2 biji telur
1 TBSP tepung jagung
Sedikit jem(apa-apa perisa)
Cara :
1. Ambil beberapa keping roti dan sapu dengan jem permukaannya dan susun di dasar bekas/ loyang.

2. Lebihan roti yang tinggal, dikoyak-koyakkan dan rendamkan ke dalam susu. Ketepikan.
3. Dalam satu bekas lain, masukkan mentega dan gula. Pukul sikit dengan ballon wisk hingga sebati.
4. Masukkan asen vanilla. Kacau rata.
5. Masukkan telur dan pukul rata dengan ballon wisk tadi hingga sebati.
6. Masukkan pula tepung jagung dan kacau rata.
7. Campurkan adunan mentega dengan adunan roti yang direndam di dalam susu tadi. Kacau rata.
8. Masukkan pula kismis dalam adunan. Banyak kismis yang ingin digunakan bergantung kepada kehendak masing-masing. Gaul rata.
9. Tuang rata adunan ke atas roti yang disapu jem tadi. Taburkan sedikit kismis sebagai hiasan. Biar seketika(dalam 5 minit) supaya susu meresap ke dalam lapisan roti yang di bawah.

10. Bakar dalam oven pada suhu 180 C selama 30 minit atau sehingga masak.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

It been such a silent nite here. Probably we are the only home who still not going anywhere. Not in the mood to cook anything neither I have a mood to do anything....Nway, Selamat Hari Raya all....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Student Best Award

Went to my son's school this morning. He is listed as one of receiver for best student award. I'm so proud of him and I believe he could be someone on the top ladder one day...Insyallah.
"Dear Iqal, Mama and Papa will always pray for your success here and thereafter, Be a good boy and be nice to everyone....we love you so much."