Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lady's Finger

I believe most of us familiar with this vegetable.'s a "lady's finger". Normally, I put this vegetable inside my Asam Pedas and it taste so delicious. However, this is the first time I saw it still hanging on it's stem. How "Jakun" I am even when I'm a girl who grown up in the village. I took the photo somewhere in Ranau, Sabah on the way back from Kinabalu Hot Spring. Lucky me to seen it for real...ha..ha...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fried Fish

In the middle of frying fried fish today, suddenly something "snap" my mind. Someone I know from my working era (Am I that old..ha.ha..) had told me about how she used to eat plain rice with cooking oil used to fried the fish during her childhood. Of course we are thinking why on earth she eat that way. It's absolutely not healthy, RIGHT? and bla..bla..bla...
"POVERTY"! that is the answer. She only manage to eat fried fish and that the best dishes her mom could afford. When she grow-up and start working (which obviously she has a good one), she knew that eating that way is not healthy BUT she still eating it once in a while as it's become her favorite menu.
Sometimes, we wouldn't know what are the darkest story of those successful people and it make me thinking, we don't have a reason to fail. We just creating a reason for our failure.

P/S: Turmeric powder + a bit of salt + deep fried = A perfect Fried Fish for Lunch

Bread Pudding

The recipe I got somewhere from other bloggers BUT only manage to bake the bread pudding tonight. Not so much thing to do so I give it a try. Just change the corn flour with Custard and use some fresh grapes.

Bahan-bahan :
8-10 keping roti(bergantung kepada ketebalan roti)
500 ml susu segar/susu cair/campuran kedua jenis susu
4 TBSP gula halus
2 TBSP mentega/majerin
1 tsp asen vanilla
2 biji telur
1 TBSP tepung jagung
Sedikit jem(apa-apa perisa)
Cara :
1. Ambil beberapa keping roti dan sapu dengan jem permukaannya dan susun di dasar bekas/ loyang.

2. Lebihan roti yang tinggal, dikoyak-koyakkan dan rendamkan ke dalam susu. Ketepikan.
3. Dalam satu bekas lain, masukkan mentega dan gula. Pukul sikit dengan ballon wisk hingga sebati.
4. Masukkan asen vanilla. Kacau rata.
5. Masukkan telur dan pukul rata dengan ballon wisk tadi hingga sebati.
6. Masukkan pula tepung jagung dan kacau rata.
7. Campurkan adunan mentega dengan adunan roti yang direndam di dalam susu tadi. Kacau rata.
8. Masukkan pula kismis dalam adunan. Banyak kismis yang ingin digunakan bergantung kepada kehendak masing-masing. Gaul rata.
9. Tuang rata adunan ke atas roti yang disapu jem tadi. Taburkan sedikit kismis sebagai hiasan. Biar seketika(dalam 5 minit) supaya susu meresap ke dalam lapisan roti yang di bawah.

10. Bakar dalam oven pada suhu 180 C selama 30 minit atau sehingga masak.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

It been such a silent nite here. Probably we are the only home who still not going anywhere. Not in the mood to cook anything neither I have a mood to do anything....Nway, Selamat Hari Raya all....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Student Best Award

Went to my son's school this morning. He is listed as one of receiver for best student award. I'm so proud of him and I believe he could be someone on the top ladder one day...Insyallah.
"Dear Iqal, Mama and Papa will always pray for your success here and thereafter, Be a good boy and be nice to everyone....we love you so much."

Friday, October 28, 2011


WHY? Cause my TM Home line current charges are RM448.20. Actually, I've been using fixed line solely because of the streamyx internet line (I got a special offer before resign from my employment at TM previously). However, when my big brother saying that make a call from home line to home line is cheaper comparing to mobile so I give it a tried. For the first 2 months, the bill doesn't show any changes. More or less it is same as before. It make me think, it is true make a call from fixed line to fixed line save lot of my money. I start calling my Mama and Abah (they are staying in Sabah), almost 4-5 times a week and the duration almost reach an hour per call. Normally, I will call them 4 - 5 times a week also but I will limit my call like 10 - 15 mint per call. Now, I got to pay the bill and I'll definitely will not using the line to call anyone. For me, my prepaid CELCOM line give a big saving on usage as they have "8 Pax". I just top up RM10 and I can call my Mama up to 30 minutes and I know it is time to stop once the top up is fully utilized. "Sabar jer la kan......"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me and Legal Matters

I'm not a lawyer and far from real...fully understanding in whatever they use in legal term. I feel headache, dizzy and wanna take a break from this thing and ask someone to settle the case on behalf of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the position of being charge or's just I need to prepare an answer letter to someone and as the person talk using legal language so we need to a DIGI Commercial...I will follow you. We did use a lawyer service the other day and you know what...just to translate a simple document they charge us RM800 and I wondering how much easy money this lawyer make in a month...???????? I'm not so sure if others lawyer or perhaps there's lawyer who not charging that much. As far as I'm concern, the three lawyer that we met quoting us more or less the similar amount and thus it make me think that I better do the reply letter myself rather than asking the lawyer services which obviously would add up the amount of money that we need to spend for.
I hope and pray really hard that I can make the reply letter using the right legal term and if anyone would ask me how deep of my legal knowledge...I would say Not that deep but I believe if you have the courage, determination and faith in Allah... everything would be so damn easy for you to go through....AMIN

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hyatt Regency Kuantan

Affordable, nice, beautiful beach with such welcoming staff....would definitely stay there again.
Not in the mood to write anything else so just enjoy the photos taken.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Trip To Fulfill the PROMISED!

As planned, we went to Kuantan last Friday (21 October 2011). After spending about 3 hours journey from Kuala Lumpur we reach Kuantan around 4 pm. At first, we thinking to stay at Swiss-Garden Resort and Spa Kuantan but we are not that lucky, there are 2 big companies holding their Family Day in the hotel. Thus, we decided spend a night at Hyatt Regency Kuantan (actually, we did go to this hotel on the first place but hold it since the Family Room had fully occupied and thought Swiss Garden would have what we look for). Left with no option, we just check in to Hyatt and ask the housekeeping to put extra bed in the room. One thing that made me fall in love with the hotel so much is the way it's staff treat their guests. Everyone seem so warm and they keep giving their smile to every guests enter the hotel lobby...don't you think this is what we as a hotel guest looking for at every hotel? The first impression is important and in my opinion they passed 100% rating on this.
Walking through the corridor going to the hotel room add another excitement to us. there was a very nice and huge swimming pool facing the sea view. The room given also spacious and really comfy which made us so grateful with what happen earlier on. Our 3 days 2 nights stay is totally awesome and those who plan their weekend escapade to Kuantan should consider Hyatt Regency Kuantan in their option list. No regret really. Will update the photos and review on the activities done there. Need a rest for now...School is not over yet.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Simple Lasagna

I made this dishes by referring a bit from the recipe below ( but I done it based on my own preferences. I like to make any recipes simplest possible yet delicious and normally I only put half of the ingredients. To those who still in learning process to master the kitchen do visit the website. Lot of tips and review on the recipe posted.
300g daging cincang (lagi senang kalau guna daging burger sebab berperisa)
1 botol prego (yang kecil)
2-3 batang celery
cendawan butang (sebanyak yang suka)
2 biji tomato (potong dadu)
1 biji lobak merah (dihiris halus)
1-2 sudu besar cili boh (kalau suka pedas)
2-3 ulas bawang merah (cincang halus)
2-3 ulas bawang putih (cincang halus)
Sedikit lada sulah
Garam secukup rasa
Gula secukup rasa
Sekotak Instant Lasagna (tambah lagi sekiranya pakai dulang caserole besar - tak perlu direbus dahulu)
3 cawan air (boleh tambah sekiranya tak cukup)
2 sudu besar mentega
4 sudu besar tepung gandum - boleh tambah kalau nak likatkan kuah
1 peket Cheddar cheese (115g) - apa-apa jenama pun boleh. Mozarella pun boleh, tapi Cheddar/cream cheese senang cair untuk buat cheese sauce tu. Mozarella sesuai untuk tabur kemudian.
1-2 cawan susu segar (yang dalam kotak/botol tu - boleh tambah kalau suka cheese sauce cair)
Sedikit garam dan lada hitam/sulah untuk perasa
(Boleh tambahkan sayur-sayuran lain seperti capsicum, broccoli dll kalau nak)
Boleh juga masukkan chicken cubes untuk perasa tambahan

My Winning Prizes (Crabtree & Evelyn Beauty Product)

Remember the other day I've posted about I'm being a winner of Personal Money Best Answer Contest? I've been to Crabtree & Evelyn store at Bangsar Village to redeem the vouchers. For that RM300 I got 2 bottles of Body Lotion (which is one I gave to my dearest Sister), 1 Men perfume (for my dearest last I got a chance to buy something for him on my own) and a bottle of pure honey (227g) worth RM30 (since it was the only product cost RM30..ha..ha..).
The product is totally AWESOME! Fall in love immediately with the body lotion as it doesn't feel sticky like the other products (even the branded one can't beat it I think) Once you put it on, it absorb like a water and leaving you feel comfortable and smell good....what a Super Duper wonderful product and will definitely being one of their big Fan...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Iqbal with Magnum Ice Cream

This is my dearest little boyfriend Iqbal aged 8 years old. Actually the photo taken at One Utama and it was for a contest organize by Magnum to promote their latest Ice Cream Product. However, once I receive the photo..I immediately decided not to enter the contest. I think it is better to keep the photo to myself and it is my fault had not looked details of the dress given. I think it is a lesson for me and hopefully it won't happen again.

Romantic Dinner @ Home

Being a housewife would mean all your pocket money will be coming from your husband wallet and sometimes it's just kind a weird, buying something for your hubby out of his own money. Realizing the fact, I'm deciding to do something different for my dearest hubby 29th birthday. I would say I'm not that talented person when comes to kitchen and the cooking. However, I should be thankful to those invented the internet and make me at least know how to cook simple dishes and do the table setting like this one.
For starter, I mix an instant Campbell mushroom soup in packet, garlic bread and shrimp cocktail. At this point, we've been almost half full since most Malay normally don't really practice course by course dinner like western does. However, like my husband say, we can't say NO when there's corn rice, salad, and fried chicken wing. My last three course dinner menu end with ,fresh fruit cut in love shape plus the hot coffee. The dinner actually completed just within an hour but preparing it took me a month...ha..ha..BUT seeing his shocking face and speechless when entering the hall, made me thinking it is indeed a nice surprise.

Yeay...Exam Week Is OVER

Holiday mood activated! My dearest little Boyfriend sit for his last paper today.Had promised him to spend a weekend somewhere out of the city. Not decide yet where to go but probably somewhere nearby since it's just 2 days 1 night trip. I've been discussing with my dearest hubby on the location. The first options is Janda Baik. It's just a 30 minutes drive from home and the scenery also spectacular. Had been to this place for the first time in May this year celebrating my birthday. We stay at one nice bunglow on top of the hill named Saufiville. Not that pack even during school holiday and I think it such a nice weekend gateway thou. The other options is, Swiss Garden Kuantan. Also, not the first trip to this hotel but I think Kuantan still so much to offer comparing to other places.
Actually, me and my husband loves to travel but ever since he's decide to do his own business we don't really have that free time. He just can spend a night or two since no one will monitor the business if he's out of town for a longer period of time. Anyhow, would decide later and of course will be updating the review later on.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yearly REUNION of the 3 Stooges

This is me with my best buddy from work. We've been knowing each others for the past 10 years and since some of us were left the companies we made promise to have yearly reunion.
I would say that I'm not a person that can easily making friends with anyone. I'm not such a person who love to talk and some of them label me "snobbish" (Since I don't like to put a smile on my face if I'm not knowing you..ha..ha..)However, eversince I met the two of them, I can express myself correctly. I can share my sadness, my happiness, and whatever happening in my life with them. We instill a higher level of trust on each other. I hope we would have an opportunity to celebrate our golden friendship anniversary and the planning is definitely out of Malaysia....AMIN


If you are in business line and need some reading material that can motivate and give you some idea on how to fought for you business soul then this book should be a must-read.
The book totally giving me something that cannot be found in other bibliography kinda of books. One of quote really captured in my heart "It's going to be lonely in the rain for a while, but you can make it"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today News

200 penduduk demo bantahan dan penyerahan memorandum kepada kerajaan

BATU CAVES - Bertempat di Pangsapuri Casmaria, 200 penduduk mengadakan demo bantahan besar-besaran dan penyerahan memorandum kepada kerajaan berhubung projek pembangunan tanah dan penipuan pemaju.

Menurut Pengerusi Persatuan Penduduk, Mejar (B) Wan Chik Morad dan Pengerusi Surau Al-Ehsan Thazari Noor Rashidi, segala bukti dikumpulkan,laporan SPRM dan polis beserta tindakan saman.

Sinar harian akan mendapatkan jawapan Yand DiPertua MPS dan pejabat tanah di susuli pada hari esok.- SH SEL

Not so sure what the result yet but I'm really hoping the settlement would be done soonest possible since it involve the security of the whole peoples lives in that place.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Are Not The BEST!

Have you ever wonder, what would life likes living someone else life? Sometimes, there's a voice keep humming in my head saying that I'm not good enough, my look is not perfect, my body is out of shape, I can't pronounce correctly when speak in English etc..and the list are on and on...
Even up until now, I don't have that confidence to proudly say that I'm creating this blog to my friends since it is my attempt to write in English and not Malay language.Too afraid with their negative feedback and I don't have the courage to hear that.There's time when I look to someone who can speak well in English make me really wanna be like them. To speak well, expressing them self clearly and be proud to just being them self. I'm not sure if anyone who feel the same way as me BUT if I can, I would love to be those people who can be that confidence and achieving something in their life career...I hope the times would come and I could be one of those GREAT person.

Mitch & Marc Australia Watch-box

Spending an evening @ CIMB Smart Reward Fiesta @ Mid Valley Shopping center today and suddenly we saw this Mitch & Marc Australia Watch-box is on 70% SALE! Can accommodate up to ten Bracelet Watches and definitely this box is worth of money. For those out there, Hurry! the Fiesta end tomorrow (18.10.2011). The event is at Hall 1-3 start from 10 am to 8 pm. You won't regret since the price offer definitely a great deal. See Ya..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Personal Money August 2011 Best Answer Contest Winner (announced in Sept 2011 Issue)"

ALHAMDULILLAH. I would say it is lucky to be the winner of that competition since I'm not expecting neither hoping to win it.I know there are lot of people out there who has more brilliant answer than mine.I'm just submitting it for fun whilst on the same time sharing my insight on the topic. Actually, I had enroll in so many competition and some of them I really hope to win BUT sometimes when you hoping so much for something ALLAH give you something else. It doesn't mean ALLAH not answering your prayer but ALLAH definitely know what suit you the best.
From now on, try anything you like cause who know what are the great thing would happen if you are not try it.