Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Are Not The BEST!

Have you ever wonder, what would life likes living someone else life? Sometimes, there's a voice keep humming in my head saying that I'm not good enough, my look is not perfect, my body is out of shape, I can't pronounce correctly when speak in English etc..and the list are on and on...
Even up until now, I don't have that confidence to proudly say that I'm creating this blog to my friends since it is my attempt to write in English and not Malay language.Too afraid with their negative feedback and I don't have the courage to hear that.There's time when I look to someone who can speak well in English make me really wanna be like them. To speak well, expressing them self clearly and be proud to just being them self. I'm not sure if anyone who feel the same way as me BUT if I can, I would love to be those people who can be that confidence and achieving something in their life career...I hope the times would come and I could be one of those GREAT person.

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