Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Romantic Dinner @ Home

Being a housewife would mean all your pocket money will be coming from your husband wallet and sometimes it's just kind a weird, buying something for your hubby out of his own money. Realizing the fact, I'm deciding to do something different for my dearest hubby 29th birthday. I would say I'm not that talented person when comes to kitchen and the cooking. However, I should be thankful to those invented the internet and make me at least know how to cook simple dishes and do the table setting like this one.
For starter, I mix an instant Campbell mushroom soup in packet, garlic bread and shrimp cocktail. At this point, we've been almost half full since most Malay normally don't really practice course by course dinner like western does. However, like my husband say, we can't say NO when there's corn rice, salad, and fried chicken wing. My last three course dinner menu end with ,fresh fruit cut in love shape plus the hot coffee. The dinner actually completed just within an hour but preparing it took me a month...ha..ha..BUT seeing his shocking face and speechless when entering the hall, made me thinking it is indeed a nice surprise.

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