Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me and Legal Matters

I'm not a lawyer and far from real...fully understanding in whatever they use in legal term. I feel headache, dizzy and wanna take a break from this thing and ask someone to settle the case on behalf of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the position of being charge or whatsoever...it's just I need to prepare an answer letter to someone and as the person talk using legal language so we need to follow...like a DIGI Commercial...I will follow you. We did use a lawyer service the other day and you know what...just to translate a simple document they charge us RM800 and I wondering how much easy money this lawyer make in a month...???????? I'm not so sure if others lawyer or perhaps there's lawyer who not charging that much. As far as I'm concern, the three lawyer that we met quoting us more or less the similar amount and thus it make me think that I better do the reply letter myself rather than asking the lawyer services which obviously would add up the amount of money that we need to spend for.
I hope and pray really hard that I can make the reply letter using the right legal term and if anyone would ask me how deep of my legal knowledge...I would say Not that deep but I believe if you have the courage, determination and faith in Allah... everything would be so damn easy for you to go through....AMIN

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