Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yearly REUNION of the 3 Stooges

This is me with my best buddy from work. We've been knowing each others for the past 10 years and since some of us were left the companies we made promise to have yearly reunion.
I would say that I'm not a person that can easily making friends with anyone. I'm not such a person who love to talk and some of them label me "snobbish" (Since I don't like to put a smile on my face if I'm not knowing you..ha..ha..)However, eversince I met the two of them, I can express myself correctly. I can share my sadness, my happiness, and whatever happening in my life with them. We instill a higher level of trust on each other. I hope we would have an opportunity to celebrate our golden friendship anniversary and the planning is definitely out of Malaysia....AMIN

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