Monday, April 14, 2014

When Mama Rumbling...

I guess blogging definitely not my "cup of tea". I just updating this blog once a year since 2012 (it was a New Year wish) and there are nothing after that.. Sometimes I just wondering how some blogger can updating more than 1 entry per day and keep doing it daily. Just to update single entry took me hour to finish it. More over, I choose to write it in English which obviously I am not really good at it also (as you can see). I just want to left something for my kids so that when they grew up, they don't have to rang me for their favorite dishes recipe as I plan updating everything here in this blog for their references. Even when I'm not around anymore, they still have part of me with them. I do hope they doing well in life and living their life happily here and thereafter.In Sha Allah..AMIN.

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